A rainbow of neon dyed yarns sits in a neatly organized pile.

Houston Fiber Fest 2023 and Updates

Come visit us June 23-25 for Houston Fiber Fest.  We will be in booth 707.  For more information visit https://houstonfiberfest.com.  I will have lots of bright and fun neons with me.  For sneak peeks please follow me on Instagram or FaceBook., just search for StellarNeedlecraft on either.

It has been a long while since my last update and a lot has been going on in my life.  After DFW Fiber Fest in September of 2022, I hit burn out bad.  I had overtaxed myself in the prep work on top of my 40 hour a week job.  Shortly after DFWFF, our beloved Chloe got sick.  She got a diagnosis of Cushing's Disease.  We were in and out of the vet multiple times.  During this time, I broke my finger and couldn't dye, sew, or even knit very well.  Who knew a pinky was involved in so many daily activities.  Then in December, the worst happened.  We had to say goodbye to Chloe.  She was 13.  She had been in our lives for 12 wonderful years.  Even now, I am tearing up writing about this.  I was broken for quite some time afterwards. 

The sweetest pup anyone could have asked for, I miss and love you Chloe.

A brown tri-color Aussie mix lays on a blue blanket on a beige couch.

I had no motivation for any sort of making or crafting.  Then in January, we adopted Freya, a year and a half old mixed breed puppy. Shes been a handful getting used to.  She's finally settling in.  She is super sweet, loving, cuddly, and oh so energetic.

A white and brown fluffy dog sits on a gray mat in a kitchen.

I got back to dying and sewing for HFF prep a couple months ago and my excitement and joy has returned for those things.  I am still healing from the grief over loss and the burnout.  I probably won't be updating the store until late September 2023 as I also have to prep for DFW Fiber Fest 2023 which is Sept 14-17.

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